Diabetes & Sensitive Feet <strong>Holofiber®</strong>
Diabetes & Sensitive Feet Super Wool
Diabetic Sport
Holofiber Support
Linear Compression
Features Benefits
  • Holofiber® Foot / Coolmax® Leg
  • Even Compression Construction in Leg
  • Oxygen Energy Recovery
  • Relieves tired/Aching feet and legs
  • Ideal for Swelling / Edema
  • Lycra 3D® (Better Support and Anti-Sag Properties)

The ‘Tingle Factor’:
Holofiber® is a responsive textile. Individual results may vary depending on sensitivity. Some persons may experience a “tingling” or “warming” sensation when worn on the feet. This is a natural effect of blood-flow returning to the extremities and will subside when the body regains a state of homeostasis (equilibrium) .

06 Black
16 Stone
3626 MED
3627 LG
  Below Knee Length

Lycra 3D®

Ideal for persons working on their feet all day, compression hosiery is known to improve circulation in the legs and reduce fatigue. Combined with the benefits Holofiber®, this compression legwear provides comfort and stamina for persons on their feet for extended periods.

If this sock does not meet your expectations, we will gladly replace it at no cost to you. Please provide proof of purchase details to returns@arrivacanada.com.