Lifestyle Legwear for Health, Medical, and Performance
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  3. Moisture Management Systems

  4. Merino Wool

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Topical Treatments

Aroma Therapy, Aloe Vera & Cooling Sensation – by Invista®
Based on the Body Care initiatives from Invista®’s flagship Lycra® brand – these new wet-process treatments enable ARRIVA® to incorporate freshness and moisturizing benefits in our Legwear.

Aloe Vera
Integrated Aloe Vera Treatments begin moisturizing feet as soon as treated products are applied to the skin. Ideal for dry and cracked skin.

Cooling Sensation
The Cooling Sensation Treatment provides soothing relaxation for tired and aching feet.

Our relaxing Aroma Therapy Treatment gently soothes the senses and offers superior feelings of comfort and wellness.


Construction Technology

Ergonomic & Massage Ribs

Ergonomically matched to follow the contours of the Left and Right foot. Strategically placed Ribs gently Massage the feet when walking. Experience the comfort and soothing feeling of a massage that lasts all day!


Moisture Management Systems

Select ARRIVA® products incorporate constructions with Wicking Meshes that facilitate better moisture transfer. Enhanced air circulation through the mesh removes perspiration for fresh, dry and clean feet.

4-Channel Coolmax®
Moves perspiration away from the body to the fabric's outer surface, where it can evaporate quickly. This thermoregulatory effect helps consumers stay drier and more comfortable.
It is a superior fiber, for wicking action, drying time, moisture absorption and transport


Merino Wool

ARRIVA® socks in Wool use only the finest Merino Wool yarns to provide exceptional softness and natural wicking properties. Wool holds many unique properties including:

  • Natural moisture content in the fiber of 8%. As a result, excess moisture is wicked away from the foot when perspiring, yet dry/cracked skin is moisturized from by the fiber’s natural moisture content
  • Insulation from the cold (even when damp)
  • Superior moisture transfer to Cotton
  • Hypoallergenic for sensitive skin
  • Machine Washable and Dryable
Wool features inherent qualities such as wrinkle resistance, colorfastness, shape recovery (resiliency) and is very breathable.
Compression legwear is known to improve circulation in the legs and reduce fatigue. This is accomplished by compressing the surface veins, keeping their diameter small, and forcing blood into the deep vein system. Support legwear with even compression construction is the favored choice of Nurses, Physicians and Law Enforcement officials around the world.

Smart Compression Technology – SCT ®
Smart Compression Technology - SCT
By placing the greatest compression at the ankles where it's needed most, SCT graduated compression levels reduce pressure further up the leg and help improve circulation during travel or long periods of standing. Controlled, linear compression applied to the lower extremities accelerates the velocity at which the blood flows through the deep veins. This increased blood flow helps to relieve symptoms associated with venous insufficiency that can lead ultimately lead to clotting of the blood in the legs; also known as Deep Vein Thrombosis or ‘Economy Class Syndrome’.

Anti-microbial Treatment

Select ARRIVA® products receive a chemical process treatment that inhibits the growth of fungi, bacteria, and microbes. This allows for better odor control, and impairs the ability of bacterial and/or fungal elements to develop within our products. For additional information, please visit

See more details in our Antimicrobial PDF.



Holofiber® has been shown in clinical tests to improve circulation and oxygenation under the skin by 10% to 18%. It is shown to respond to energy generated by the body, activating normally untapped resources to improve vital physiological processes. Holofiber® improves physical performance and recovery time and is already being lauded by some of the world's leading athletes.

Holofiber® represents a revolutionary advancement for the treatment of the diabetic foot condition and has great potential in healing of wounds. Legwear made using Holofiber® can be used by population suffering from leg ulcers, tired feet, and those at risk of developing blood clots.

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The Holofiber® ‘Tingle Factor’
Holofiber® is a responsive textile. Individual results may vary depending on sensitivity. Some persons may experience a "tingling" or "warming" sensation when worn on the feet. This is a natural effect of blood-flow returning to the extremities and will subside when the body regains a state of homeostasis (equilibrium).



Lycra® 3D
Lycra® 3D prevents sagging at the ankles without restricting blood flow. What makes LYCRA® 3D leg wear exceptional is superior technology that knits LYCRA® fiber into every stitch of the garment. Lycra® 3D adds exceptional comfort, superior fit, and increased durability.