Lifestyle Legwear for Health, Medical, and Performance
Smart Compression Technology™ (a construction process used to help reduce the risk of developing Deep Vein Thrombosis / blood clots while flying or standing for long periods)
Aroma and Cooling Sensation treatments
Ergonomic constructions with Massage Ribs
Holofiber® Performance legwear with Anti-microbial treatments (these socks have been field tested by Adventure Racers in a 500km race through the jungles of Africa – the team wearing them posted a record setting win by a margin of 18 hours over their nearest competitor, and the team reported that they had no blisters or swelling in their feet after the race for the first time!)  

The innovative and highly technical features of ARRIVA® required that the line had to be clearly and concisely explained.

ARRIVA® is much more than a new entry into the “sock market”. The line has been carefully crafted to meet the needs of people with lifestyle-related afflictions, and offers products that will enhance the lives of persons seeking holistic, healthy, and comfortable lifestyles. This program allows consumers to select ‘Lifestyle Legwear’ designed to best meet their individual needs.

From bedtime socks with built-in Aloe Vera moisturizers, to travel socks that help prevent blood clots, there is an ARRIVA® sock for virtually every need.