Lifestyle Legwear for Health, Medical, and Performance Arriva History

ARRIVA® was first conceptualized in 2002 when Bipin Khimasia – CEO of The Great Canadian Sox Co. Inc - was diagnosed as a Type II Diabetic. Bipin learned that diabetes raises a number of health related concerns in those afflicted, chief among them being complications in the feet. Diabetics can suffer from circulation impairment, predisposition to lesions and ulcers on the feet, and - in extreme cases - foot amputation.

This is a disease that deserves to be taken seriously, as evidenced by the fact that more than 2 million Canadians are currently diabetic, and over 50% of non-trauma related amputations worldwide are related to diabetes according to the Canadian Diabetes Association.



As the CEO of Canada's largest manufacturer of outdoor socks, Bipin took a keen personal interest in learning what was available in the marketplace to meet his needs. To his surprise, this market segment had been poorly served, and the limited range of products available were of poor quality and over priced relative to their construction and function.

Market research revealed that other types of legwear could aid people with other feet related health and medical problems. With the help of manufacturing R & D, the company has developed an extensive line of products to help with DVT, Foot Ulcers, Dry Feet, Poor Leg Circulation, Tired Feet, Aroma Massage, and Diabetic related feet ailments.

Just some of the new and unique features in the ARRIVA® line include:

  • Smart Compression Technology™
  • Aroma and Cooling Sensation treatments
  • Ergonomic constructions with Massage Ribs
  • Holofiber® Performance
  • Anti-Microbial Treatment

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